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Easter is a glorious time of year for a few reasons, firstly it resonates Spring; we’re emerging from those dark winter months, the daffodils and snowdrops are at their best and the children are coming out of hibernation and enjoying carefree evenings playing into the daylight extended evening.  Secondly, it goes without saying Easter is a time to celebrate all things Chocolaty, and Virginia Hayward are very good this!

For those of you struggling to decide how to keep your kids busy over the Easter holidays, we’ve listed our top 5 which will definitely keep them out of mischief!

  1. Easter Egg Basket for Easter Egg Hunt
    We’re not even counting an Easter Egg Hunt as that’s a given!  However, why not extend the fun and suggest your children make the baskets to collect their sweets and chocolate in?  There are many great ‘make your own’ Easter Egg Basket choices to be found but our favourite was this one:
    Easter Egg Basket
  2. Easter Bonnets
    Easter would not be the same without that trusty Easter bonnet and we loved this ‘Crown’ version, perfect for the boys who don’t particularly want to wear a bonnet!
    Easter Crown
  3. Easter Nests:
    As we’ve already mentioned, a huge part of Easter is indulging in chocolate to your hearts content, and it’s particularly guilt free if your children have gone to the time and effort of making it! These Easter Egg nests looked heavenly and we felt it essential to include them in our top 5 Easter activities

    Easter Egg Nests

  4. Hardboiled egg decoration
    Okay, it’s not all about the chocolate, just mostly…we stumbled across these amazing decorated hardboiled eggs which are beautiful mini pieces of art.
    Marbled Easter Eggs
  5. Chick Making
    Unbelievably Chicks haven’t made it into our blog, until now… Easter wouldn’t be Easter without those gorgeous chicks popping up all over the place!  We thought these chicks, which can be made from your empty egg cartons were particularly sweet and would look great on your windowsill over the Easter Period
    Egg Carton Spring Chicks
  6. Have a wonderful Easter, and we hope you have fun experimenting with our top 5 Easter activities!  If the calling for chocolate becomes to much we’re offering 20% off our best selling Easter chocolate hamper, The Chocolate Indulgence was £27.50, now £22.0  until the end of April!

April Hamper Offer


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