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How to wrap a hamper.

Following our recent post about how to pack a hamper, many of you have been in touch asking how best to ‘wrap’ a hamper.

Unless you’re preparing quite a small hamper, it’s very difficult to find wrapping paper of the right size. Also, as most hampers are natural products, rather than neat boxes, it’s even more difficult to wrap them neatly, so we wouldn’t recommend ‘wrapping’ the hamper – especially if you’re sending it in the post or by courier to your recipient.

We do recommend making sure that you have as few gaps in the hamper itself and between the hamper and its outer box as possible. If you follow the guidelines in ‘How to Pack a Hamper’, you’ll know exactly how to make sure that things don’t move around inside the hamper. If you can’t find a box that fits your hamper neatly (if you order one from our ‘empty hampers and baskets‘ section, make sure you keep the box that we send!) then pack around the hamper with crumpled paper (recycled preferably) until it fits snugly into the box.

The trick is to make sure that things can’t move about too much!


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