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FAQs about Food Hampers

What goes in a Hamper?

Hampers traditionally contain a mix of food and drink items, often based around a theme or event. So for instance, a picnic hamper might contain Ham and Cheeses alongside a bottle of wine or  soft drink. Other common items include cakes, biscuits, chocolates, jars of jam and chutneys, crisps and champagne, just to name a few.

Are Hampers a good gift to give?

Hampers are a great gift to give for a number of reasons and occasions. Firstly, the whole theatre of opening a hamper and seeing the wonderful contents within. As hampers can be themed, they offer an excellent and thoughtful way to celebrate an occasion such as Christmas, Mothers Day or Valentines. They show that you have put some thought into what your recipient might like, and most importantly, they allow to connect to someone on an emotional level.

What are the best hampers to send?

The best hampers to send are those that closely match the event, occasion and person you are sending to. So for example, if your recipient is a Wine connoisseur, you might want to look at our range of wine and drink hampers. If you want to send a gift to your mother, then a pamper gift with a mix of  treats and pampering items.

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