Surprise family, friends, business colleagues and clients with an extra special luxury hamper delivered to their door. Lovingly hand packed in Dorset, UK by Virginia Hayward.

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Luxury Gift Hampers

FAQs about Hampers

What are Gift Hampers?

Hampers are defined as a collection of food and drink items that are presented in a basket or box and usually sent as gifts to others. Occasionally they are for your own use and perfect for picnics and festivals etc.

Traditionally hampers were often packed in a wicker basket, but in the past few years hampers are more likely packed in gift boxes, trays, open baskets and cartons.

In the UK, we have a long tradition of sending these hampers as gifts and presents to family, and friends, and more recently as gifts to businesses and employees to celebrate success and send congratulations.

Why buy a Virginia Hayward hamper?

The reasons why Virginia Hayward hampers are so unique and still so popular after 40 years, are in a large part down to us still being a family business, sharing traditional family values in the way we would want to give and receive gifts ourselves.

As one of the first hamper companies to be established in the UK back in 1984, Gin & Geoff Hayward started creating hampers from their farm based in Dorset, and Dorset is where we are still based today. 40 years later we still have the same family values and beliefs in creating unique hampers that not only include the finest food and drink, but are also packed with care and attention so that when opened, are an absolute joy to receive and make a truly memorable gift.

And if your recipient is overjoyed, then that makes you happy!

That’s why sending a Virginia Hayward hamper is more than a gift, it’s a shared happiness experience.

Do your gift hampers need to be refrigerated?

Some of the ingredients in our food hampers will need to be refrigerated. We send our hampers with a cooling bag to ensure your hamper arrives in great condition. Once it arrives, we recommend moving cheese and meats to the fridge. If your hamper is a gift for someone else, please advise them that they should refrigerate the contents of the hamper as soon as possible after delivery.

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