Trustpilot Winners

April 2019: Mrs Disson, Cyprus

May 2019: Mrs Harris, Angus

June 2019: Mrs Harris, Angus

July 2019: Mr Hodgkinson, Australia

August 2019: Mr De Rosa, The Netherlands

September 2019: Mrs Drewery, Cambridge

October 2019: Mrs Bereiman, Gloucester

November 2019: Mrs Greenway, York

December 2019: Mrs Willis, Essex

January 2020: Mr Symons, Shropshire

February 2020: Mrs White, Dorset

March 2020: Ms Ashman, Cambridgeshire

April 2020: Mrs Abby Hanmer, Shropshire

May 2020: Mrs Wendy Clarke, Hampshire

June 2020: Miss Maria Hughes, Hampshire

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