Teacher Gift Ideas

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Giving a Teacher a Gift They Will Always Remember Of all the people who influence the courses of our lives, teachers are second only to parents in terms of their impact on us. While our parents provide for us and deliver the most fundamental life lessons, teachers open up the rest of the world for … Read more

Popular Baby Names Inspired by Your Favourite Food and Drinks

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As lovers of food and drink, we decided to analyse recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) data – looking at ‘Baby names in England and Wales, 1996 to 2019’ – to discover the most popular baby names related to food and drink. Whether you want to spoil friends, family, or colleagues (or even just to … Read more

2020 Christmas Hampers Gift Guide

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A Cracking Christmas Selection It may only be October, but Christmas never stops here at Virginia Hayward and this year more than ever we’re delighted to share with you our 2020 Christmas Hamper range. Although our seasonal celebrations may be a little different this year, the traditional food and drink choices should be far from … Read more

Gifts by Post

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Gifts by Post Everyone loves to receive something in the post. At least, that’s true until the bills and unwanted letters are the majority of what comes through the letterbox. Even so, dealing with the usual torrent of junk mail makes the arrival of a gift even sweeter. Whether you receive birthday gifts from far-away … Read more

Food Storage Tips and Expiration Advice

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To get some expert advice into the subject, we questioned Marie-Louise Farag, Group Head Nutritionist at Cellnutrition, Jenna Brown, Environmental Health Practitioner and Food Safety Mum, and Dr Harriet Holme, Registered Nutritionist and Founder of Healthy Eating Dr, about how different food and drinks should be properly stored, as well as discussing the shelf-life of … Read more

Festive Flavour Combinations to Try This Christmas

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As a nation obsessed with Christmas, the festive season is a time for jolliness – spending quality time with the family and eating great food – with many particularly excited for their annual Christmas dinner feast. Whether you opt for traditional turkey dinner or something a bit more unique, foodies across the nation can’t wait … Read more

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