Gifts by Post

Gifts by Post

Everyone loves to receive something in the post. At least, that’s true until the bills and unwanted letters are the majority of what comes through the letterbox. Even so, dealing with the usual torrent of junk mail makes the arrival of a gift even sweeter. Whether you receive birthday gifts from far-away friends or a hamper full of goodies from a corporate client, it is a moment that’s sure to brighten your day. Knowing how good it makes you feel to receive a gift, why not pass that joy along to someone else?

There are many occasions where a surprise gift would be welcome. Sometimes, you don’t even need an occasion at all! You may simply want to send something thoughtful to your loved ones to let them know they are in your thoughts. Other gifts might be celebratory or complimentary, but one thing is the same no matter the occasion. You’ll need to find an excellent resource for gift ideas to inspire your imagination. At Virginia Hayward, hampers filled with exciting and unique gifts are what we do best.

Let’s explore some of the options we provide for saying “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” or even just “Thank you!”

Finding Unique Gifts by Post for Her

There’s never a bad time to send a gift to that special woman in your life. Whether you’re thinking of your mother, a partner, or someone else close to your heart, sending a gift by post is an excellent way to show your affection. With something to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences, we’ve made it easy to find options that inspire you to create a moment of joy for someone else.

To start you off with some ideas, consider the Ladies Indulgence hamper, one of our best sellers. The unique contents include not only a gorgeous bottle of pink Zinfandel wine, but also a unique strawberry fudge, plus jam, biscuits, chocolate, and more. For something less pink but just as elegant, the Cheese and Wine Slate is perfect for saying “Relax! You earned it.” The reusable cheese slate included in the hamper makes an excellent gift for those who love home entertaining, too.

Choosing Exciting Gifts by Post for Him

When it comes to giving gifts to men, stereotypes dominate. Jokes abound about power tools and other basic, “useful” gifts. In reality, men enjoy receiving unique gifts just as much as anyone else. Virginia Hayward’s selection of gifts for men includes a wide variety of options suitable for loved ones and close friends alike.

Letterbox Food Gift

For example, chocolate boxes aren’t solely the domain of women’s gift ideas. Our Chocolate Indulgence hamper contains everything the secret “chocaholic” in your life needs to indulge after a long day on the job. For those who prefer to leave a more “adult” surprise in someone’s post, alcohol gifts such as our spiced Lugger Rum provide a pleasant change of pace for those who like to take the occasional tipple. When you want to trigger the sensation of excitement that comes from receiving something in the post, try opting for our gin letterbox gift. This unique gift will fit perfectly through his front door’s letterbox. With rapid next day delivery options, you can have a gift in the post for your recipient in no time at all.

Cheer Up a Friend by Sending Chocolate Gifts by Post

Did you know chocolate may help lift our spirits when we feel down? Some research indicates that dark chocolate, in particular, may contribute to positive mental health developments. More studies are necessary, but it’s hard to deny that eating chocolate is its own form of joy. Sending a hamper full of unique chocolate boxes is an excellent way to support a friend who’s going through a rough patch. It’s also a good way to say, “Get well soon!” to loved ones battling illness or injury. Add in a heartfelt personalised message to go along with all the chocolate your friend could hope to eat, and you have the perfect parcel ready to go.

Some of our most popular food hampers include chocolate, but we’ve simplified the gift buying process for those whose recipients have particular preferences. Go for the dark chocolate or share sweet indulgence with a white chocolate hamper that includes an assortment of truffles. With quick shipping, you can trust your gift will arrive in good condition for your recipient to enjoy.

Know Someone with Unique Tastes? Give Unusual Food Gifts by Post

Do you have a foodie friend? When every opportunity to eat is an occasion to try something new, sending food gifts by post is the perfect way to surprise this kind of companion. At the same time, you don’t want to share items they surely won’t like. It’s best to stray away from the truly exotic and strange while still providing new and unique experiences for your recipient. After all, what could be more exciting than receiving in the post a bounty of things you’ve never tried before?

Many of our hampers provide these experiences. The Fiesta is perfect for that hothead you know. No, not someone quick to argue, but that friend who can’t get enough chilli no matter how spicy the food. Chilli and garlic stuffed olives provide a briny, heat-packed burst of flavour, while chilli crisps turn up the temperature even further. Of course, we include plenty of chocolate for soothing the burn afterwards. With hampers such as these and the many options we have for sending biscuit gifts by post, you can “wow” friends and family while delighting their palates, too.

Help Someone Celebrate When You Send Champagne Gifts by Post

Graduations. A marriage. The birth of a child. A milestone anniversary. These are all occasions that could call for sending wine gifts by post — or perhaps a bottle of bubbly. The “pop” of the cork and the fizz of the bubbles in a champagne glass are a timeless sign of celebration for a good reason! Write a note encouraging your recipient to savour the moment with a glass. Although it may not seem like it at first, your gift and support may play an essential part in helping shape the good memories your loved ones will develop around these events. The versatility of Virginia Hayward hampers ensure you can spend as much or as little as you like, all the way up to a huge jeroboam-style bottle of champagne!

Don’t Forget Giving Gift Boxes Around the Holidays

Although sending gifts through the post as a surprise is fabulous, sending hampers around the holiday is practically tradition. We aren’t talking only about Christmas, either. Sending hampers as Easter gifts by post is in perfect keeping with all the many traditions surrounding that holiday and baskets filled to the brim with delights. Send a Jar of Hearts around Valentine’s, or celebrate the winter holidays with 12 Wines in Wicker, an incredible assortment of whites, reds, and rose wines that will help keep your recipient warm and happy even if the snows fall outside.

Of course, it’s not appropriate to send everyone a hamper filled with alcohol and sweets. There are still plenty of ways to send surprise gifts for the vegan, the gluten-free, and the diabetic individuals you may know. Did you know not all wine is vegan? It’s surprising, but true. With specially formulated hampers designed to support these different diets while remaining just as tasty, every holiday becomes an opportunity for a delicious surprise.

Giving Personalised Gifts in Larger Quantities

Are you looking for gift ideas suitable for corporate clients, customers, or business partners? While many of the ideas we’ve discussed would also be suitable for these recipients, we have other options, too. At Virginia Hayward, we’re proud to provide a trusted option for bespoke hampers. Rather than handing out gift cards around the holidays, why not give something even better? With hampers that reflect your branding and contain a hand-picked assortment of goods, you can provide gifts to many people with ease. Our customisation solutions do have a minimum order quantity, but the close collaboration we provide delivers exceptional value. Learn more about these options today if you’re interested in branded hampers with unique or unusual contents. Ask about including personalised messages for every recipient for that added friendly touch.

Enjoy Fabulous Hampers and Letterbox Gifts from Virginia Hayward

Whether you want to wish a good friend from your school days a “Happy Birthday!” or give an important client a gift of appreciation, Virginia Hayward hampers are the perfect solution. With so many options to choose from, there is something for everyone to love. Go as big or as small as the situation requires. Don’t forget the personalised gift message card, too. Your recipient will be happy to know who was thoughtful enough to send them a luxury gift set.

For more information on our products and ordering process, view answers to our FAQs. Need to speak to someone before you place an order? When you have questions or concerns, we’re here to help. Contact us today or start shopping from our best sellers now!

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