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FAQs about Hampers

What are Gift Hampers?

Hampers are a collection of food and drink items that are often presented in a basket or box, traditionally made of wicker, that can be sent and used for a special occasion. In the UK, we have a long tradition of sending these hampers as gifts and presents to family, and friends, and more recently as gifts to businesses and employees to celebrate success and send congratulations.

Do Your Hampers Come With Free UK Delivery?

We want to ensure that your hamper arrives quickly and that all the food and drink inside is fresh and pristine. Unfortunately, that means we’re unable to offer free UK delivery. However, once you discover the tasty treats inside, you’ll see it’s worth it!

Do your gift hampers need to be refrigerated?

Some of the ingredients in our food hampers will need to be refrigerated. We send our hampers with a cooling bag to ensure your hamper arrives in great condition. Once it arrives, we recommend moving cheese and meats to the fridge. If your hamper is a gift for someone else, you can always take them out of the fridge to repackage it.

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