How to make chocolate decorations

Chocolate Decorations

Making chocolate decorations is a great way to impress your friends and to make any dessert or cake look extra special, and don’t worry, with a bit of practice it’s not that hard to make decorations that look fantastic. It is also great fun to make chocolate decorations and you can even get all the … Read more

Why corporate gifting is important

Giving corporate gifts is a longstanding tradition for businesses across all industries and of all shapes and sizes to help say thank you, show appreciation and engage with potential new customers and improve business relationships. Companies might give gifts to current customers, new customers and their own staff as part of a corporate gift programme, … Read more

Host a sophisticated Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner, whether you are a fan of the spooky season or not, it has become increasingly popular in the UK. In 2022, British people are expected to spend £28.95 million on pumpkins and an estimated £687 million in total for Halloween. Halloween party décor seems to go one of two … Read more

Delightful Autumn Picnic Ideas


Harvest produces to celebrate Picnics are usually synonymous with the summer months, but, Autumn, with its crisp sunny days, crunchy leaves, and an abundant amount of Harvest produce, really lends itself perfectly to picnics. Make the most of nature’s beautiful seasonal display and get outside to relax and spend quality time in nature. The cooler … Read more

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