We all have an independent, powerhouse woman in our lives. These ladies are go-getters, setting goals and smashing them, getting the things they want. But how do you find gifts for the woman who wants nothing?

This blog offers some gift ideas for the driven, independent woman in your life. From great coffee to comfortable clothes, we’ve got you covered no matter the personality you’re shopping for. Ready to skip past the browsing and find a one-stop solution now? Browse our selection of gourmet designer hampers at Virginia Hayward for a little bit of everything for the “has everything” lady on your list.

Where To Shop for Great Gift Ideas

Today’s gift shopping looks a lot different from that of prior years. With global changes in the supply chain, pandemic precautions, and other changes, it can be challenging to know when and where to find the most successful, wallet-friendly gift shopping experience. Below, we talk about the pros and cons of traditional retail shopping versus online shopping so that you can make an informed choice when beginning your gift buying.

Traditional Retail Shopping

Despite the surge in online retail offerings, traditional retail shopping is still going strong. In-store shopping offers customers the chance to catch unique sales, find limited-stock or rare items, avoid delivery fees, and more.

However, retail shopping locations experience supply chain issues, staffing issues, large crowds, and limited inventory access. You might get there and find a great sale on everything but the items you want.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has experienced unprecedented growth in the last two years for many reasons, especially pandemic restrictions placed on physical retail locations. Online shopping provides consumers with broader access to sales, more extensive inventory, and convenient browsing, all from the comfort of your home or the convenience of a mobile app.

The drawbacks of online shopping include steep delivery or handling fees, inability to try items on or sample products, limited or expensive return policies, and more. Always research any online company’s shipping, return, and purchasing policies before agreeing to any purchase.

Great Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Even the woman who appears to have everything would love something from you. With most gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Consider what your special lady likes, and take a look at the list below to see if you’ve struck gold with the perfect gift.

1. Birthstone Necklace

A high-quality gemstone birthstone necklace makes a thoughtful gift for any woman, mom, grandmother, or sister you know. These necklaces come in a variety of unique designs and metals, with full customisation for children, grandchildren, and loved ones.

2. Pyjama Set

Sometimes creative gift ideas miss our most basic needs. Everyone loves a good pair of comfortable pyjamas. Choose a pyjama set that matches the personality of the woman you’re buying for, with a full range of colours, styles, patterns, and more choices to find a unique gift for a unique woman. Flannel fabrics make great choices for winter or Christmas gifts, while silk is great for birthdays or all-season wear.

3. Hand Cream Gift Set

The holidays always prompt cosmetic and beauty companies to create affordable skincare sets containing skincare products like face masks, hand lotions, bath gels and more. Help your loved one look and smell fantastic by buying them a delightfully-scented box set of deluxe hand creams and lotions. Treat them to the self-care they know they need.

4 .  Ladies Indulgence Set

Virginia Hayward never disappoints when it comes to fantastic gift inspiration. With high-quality hampers for her, themed with everything from teas to gin cocktails, Virginia Hayward has what you need to find the best gift for the mom, grandmother, daughter, or other independent lady in your life.  The Ladies Indulgence Set comes packed with truffles, prosecco, gourmet popcorn, and a beautifully scented candle.

5. Artisan Coffee Sampler

These days, focus and energy are essential for working women. Get the lady in your life something that will put some pep in her step instead of putting her down for a nap. Artisan coffees are a great way to practice self-care without risking unhealthy choices or sacrificing focus. Find your lovely lady a curated box of gourmet coffees this holiday for a great gift she’s sure to love.

6. Customised Tumbler

From the sports enthusiast to the coffee addict, a customised tumbler is a fun, practical gift for any lady you know. With a range of options from customisable words, names, colours, and images, customised tumblers make perfect choices for the holiday season, birthday gifts,  special occasion gift-giving, and more. Browse around to find a reputable company with custom, dishwasher safe tumblers in a style you know your special woman will enjoy

7. Digital Photo Frame

If you’re scratching your head trying to come up with gifts for the woman who wants nothing, showcase what she already has. Chances are, she’s built a life she loves, and a digital photo frame is a thoughtful gift idea that will help her remember her family, her friends, and her successes. Do perfect gifts right by giving the gift of memories.

8. Leather Journal

If you’re stumped on gifts for the woman who wants nothing, skip the gift card and opt for a leather journal. Journals make good gifts for an affordable price, and buyers can customise them for the recipient. Get your best friend a place to vent their thoughts, or give your mother a place for her poetry and pressed flowers.

9. Jewellery Organiser

Almost every woman has a collection of jewellery they’d love to keep organised. You can help the ladies you know sort out their favourite necklaces, ear baubles, rings, and more by getting a portable, stylish jewellery organiser or box. Buy a tasteful rollup organiser and fill it with new pieces to make a great mother’s day or birthday gift for any woman.

10. Reversible Tote Bag

Tote bags are great for many uses, from carrying your gym clothes to storing your knitting supplies. The good news is that totes are everywhere and come in every colour, fabric, pattern, and style imaginable. Get the women you love a stylish, reversible tote bag that suits more than one mood, occasion, or trip.

11. Comfortable Leggings

One of the best gifts you can give any woman is the gift of comfort. Leggings are popular because of their versatility as under layers, outfit accents, tights, pants, gym clothes, yoga clothes, and more. Made of nearly every type of material you could want, leggings also come in almost every colour or style of pattern you could ask for. If you want extra points for your leggings gifts, always opt for leggings with pockets.

12. Herb Growing Kit

Studies have shown that growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers will boost moods and improve the quality of everyday living. For the woman on the go, starting a full-scale garden may not be an option. However, a window herb box offers a simplified, condensed natural light gardening experience without the need for tilling, weeding, or lots of tooling. Kits come equipped with everything your green-thumbed lady needs, including peat soil, seeds, and growing containers.

13. Air Fryer

Know women who are looking for healthy solutions for fun snacks? Get them an air fryer! These convection machines work to create light, crispy, crunchy snacks and other food without the need for lots of oil. Air fry everything from chicken wings to french fries, vegetables, and more. Help a friend watch her figure, or give your mom the joy of shorter cooking times.

14. Quality Kitchen Mixer

A professional-grade, high-quality kitchen mixer can transform everyday cooking into a leisurely task. Always a practical idea for Christmas and holiday gifting, a well-crafted kitchen mixer can improve the quality of bread, pies, whipped toppings, and so much more.

15 . Portable Easel

Looking for a special gift for a creative person you know? Get your loved one a portable easel. Portable easels allow movement during artistic work to take advantage of different light sources, sceneries, studios, and more. Find an easel with built-in storage for art supplies, light paints, pencils, drawing pads for a truly convenient experience.

Find More Unique Gifts

Still struggling to find the right gifts for your friends and loved ones? Browse our blog for more gifting ideas for every member of your world, including mums, dads, children, grandparents, and friends.

Looking for something concise but varied? At Virginia Hayward, we create fine quality hampers designed to bring a smile to anyone on your gifting list. Browse our extensive line of curated hampers, themed in everything from fantastic gin cocktails to melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. Each line of hampers is unique, with design options offered to help you find the right blend of treats, snacks, wines, and other comforts for the unique person on your mind.

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