Children’s Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

We are full of the joys of spring here at Virginia Hayward. The sun is out so even the seemingly relentless visits by Jack Frost aren’t keeping us down.

I also heard this morning that we may have a white Easter – wouldn’t that make for a pretty Egg Hunt. We think Easter is a great time to catch up with friends and family so we’ve been swapping Easter Egg hunt ideas – we’d love to hear about yours too!

Here’s our starter for 10 to give you some inspiration:

Pirate Egg Hunt

Children's Treasure Map

Why not organise a themed Easter Egg hunt. Children love to dress up as girl and boy pirates so push the boat out and make a treasure map for them – egg’s(!) will mark the spot. Our choc box is an ideal Easter gift idea and holds plenty of treasure for you to hide.

The Choc Box full of chocolate and sweets

Spell for Easter

If your children are just learning to spell then this is a great way to combine learning with play. Simply write each letter of Easter separately on a coloured sticker and stick it onto 6 of your children’s favourite chocolates and hide them. Their task? Find all 6 and spell E-A-S-T-E-R with their Easter gift chocolates before eating them!

Right Box, Wrong Box

Empty wicker basket

A little bit of preparation needed for this one but it’s really good fun. You’ll need some empty boxes or baskets and some shredded paper or tissue paper as well as an Easter egg or two. Fill one of the boxes with Easter eggs hidden amongst the packaging and leave the rest of the boxes empty. The hunt is on… who can find the box full of eggs. Just make sure you have enough eggs to go around at the end to avoid any tears.

However you choose to spend your Easter bank holiday weekend, I hope you have an eggs-ellent time.

Happy Easter All!

Sarah Jane

If you have a really good Easter Egg Hunt idea please do share with me by commenting below.

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