Family Friendly Easter Activities

Bring everyone together this Easter! The long weekend is made for making memories and spending time with family and friends. We’ve compiled 7 cracking ideas for family-friendly Easter activities that will be enjoyed by all, from toddlers to grandparents. Whatever the weather, we have all the inspiration you need for a memorable Easter weekend.

Plus we have a range of Easter Hampers and Gifts, perfect for your own spring picnics, corporate gifting or unique presents for family and friends.

Easter picnic

Why not create an Easter inspired picnic, complete with all the traditional Easter treats, such as mini eggs, Easter cake, sandwiches, hot cross buns, simnel cake. Lay out a range of blankets, cushions, and wooden boards to create a comfortable area to sit and arrange food. A breakfast tray works well as an accessory and stable area to pop drinks on.

Browse our delightful range of Easter Hampers and Gifts, and set up a wonderful Easter picnic. You could set up a picnic at home, in the garden, at a local park or community garden. If the weather is dismal, set up a picnic at your dinning table or in the living, to make a fun afternoon activity.

Our Easter picnic below, was created using a mixture of baskets and contents from our Hampers. Our Picnic Basket, comes fitted out with china plates, cutlery and plastic cups, perfect for a picnic of 4. Plus lots of room to fit all your Easter goodies and supper in. Also featured are items from our Sweet Treats Gift and our Easter Basket Gift.

Easter Egg Hunt

Host your own Easter Egg Hunt, this is a great activity for all ages to get involved in, little ones and older generations can all take it in turns to find eggs, or help to hide them. If it is sunny outside and you are concerned about chocolate eggs melting, many shops and supermarkets sell plastic reusable egg, which can be used. You can either shelter small chocolate eggs inside, or use them as a token and swop them for chocolate eggs at the end of the game. Or you could use packs of wooden eggs, and paint them different colours to represent different teams. Painting eggs is a great craft projects for youngsters on the lead up to Easter, if you’re looking to fill the school holidays with some craft.

If the weather is disastrous over the Easter weekend, a egg hunt can still take place inside. Simply hide eggs or Easter items around the house or a few rooms, and watch the fun begin.

Wicker baskets with handles work as a great item to collect all the eggs inside, so players don’t drop their eggs as they are playing. We particularly like the round handled wicker trug which comes with our Sweet Treats basket. Alternately, use the wire mesh basket from our Easter Gift, filled with the packing material from the box, and you’re ready for the egg hunt!

Easter Brunch

Roast dinner has long been a tradition on Easter Sunday. So why not make new tradition for the Saturday or Easter Monday. Gather friends or family around for a more informal Brunch. Which means they can all still have their long weekend lie in, but don’t have to have the formality of a sit down dinner.

Layout wonderful Easter and spring inspired brunch food, such as hot cross buns, pancakes, Easter bread, bacon, eggs, (depending on your dietary requirements), and a selection of fruit for balance! You can get really creative with Easter table decor, such as this easy way of styling napkins around eggs. Add tulips and daffodils as centre pieces, or perhaps little bunny accessories.

Bake Hot Cross Buns

Baking is a great Easter activity, which can be done with all the family, and the fruits of your labour enjoyed by your friends! Why not get little ones to speak to older generations about the traditional Easter bakes they grew up with, and see if they have any recipes to pass down.

Hot Cross Buns are an Easter food – traditionally baked as a sweet, spiced bread, containing raisins. The cross on the bun, is actually to symbolise the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. Nowadays, the hot cross bun, can come in an assortment of flavours, such as chocolate, orange, or even salted caramel. The original bun can be traced right back to the 14th century, when Thomas Rocliffe a Monk, baked the simple fruity bun, and gave them to the local poor on Good Friday. So popular were they, their popularity soon spread from town to town, and by 19th century, hot cross buns were eaten on Good Friday to celebrate the end of Lent.

For a fool-proof Hot Cross Bun recipe, why not try Mary Berry’s method here. You’ll need about 2 hours prep time, and up to 30 minutes cooking time, but the results of a homemade hot cross bun on Good Friday, will surely be worth it!

Easter Bonnet Competition

Making Easter bonnets has been a long standing tradition in the UK, which some say can be linked back to Roman traditions as far back at the 4th century, when it became popular to wear new, fancy clothes on Easter Sunday! Fast-forward to the 19th century, when it was fashionable for women to wear bonnets on a daily basis, the end of lent and Easter being known as the time of renewal, women would dress up their bonnets especially for Easter church celebrations, with ribbons, flowers and lace.

Nowadays an Easter bonnet, is a popular activity for many school aged children. Why not extend it to all family and visitors over Easter weekend? You could easily create a Easter Bonnet decorating competition, for a fun project for everyone when they get together. You’ll find many shops selling cheap straw hats, ready for decorating on the lead up to Easter, but a bonnet doesn’t have to be straw! You could sue old baseball caps, flat caps, fascinators, sun hats, think outside the box and get creative. You could attached flowers, festive Easter chicks, faux eggs, feathers, the list goes on! This is a particularly fun Easter activity if the weather is a little mixed over Easter.

Make Easter Chocolate Nests

Chocolate Nests have become a firm favourite with children over Easter, not only to eat, but they are an easy activity to do, so simple – it doesn’t even require an oven. These chocolate nests can be made with a range of different cereals, such an Wheetabix, Cornflakes, Rice Crispys, Shreddies! Prep time is less then 30 minutes, and cooking time less then 10.


  • 225g/8oz chocolate, your choice of dark, milk or white… broken into pieces
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 50g/2oz butter
  • 75g/2¾oz your choice of cereal
  • 36 mini chocolate eggs


  1. Line a 12-hole cupcake cake tin with your choice of paper cases.
  2. Melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water (do not let the base of the bowl touch the water, or the mixture will separate). Stir the mixture until smooth. Make sure an adult carries out this part of the recipe, as the boiling water is dangerous for children to be unattended with.
  3. Remove the bowl from the heat and gently stir in the cereal until it is all coated in the chocolate.
  4. Divide the mixture between the paper cases and choose 3 chocolate mini eggs into the centre of each nest. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until set.

Plant a Bee Garden

Easter is the perfect time to plant some seeds, ready to bloom in the summer. If you do not have a garden, don’t worry! You can plant seeds in window box trays, or for your window sill or doorstep. If you do not have any plant pots, don’t worry, egg boxes cartons work as a great starter for seeds, and you should have plenty of those lying around at Easter time.

If you would like to create a wild bee area in your garden, it doesn’t have to be a big area, just a small patch of soil used for wild seeds, will attract hundreds of bees, lady birds and butterflies over the summer months! Native flowers to the UK are best for enticing bees, as they are rich in pollen and create a floral rainbow for them to feast on. Bee’s are great for your green space, because the more bees which visit your garden, the more plants are fertilised and more seeds are produced.

The best flowers to plant are: cornflowers, poppies, marigold, ox-eye daisy, foxgloves, cowslips, clover, and scabious. Many garden centres, supermarkets, and flower shops will sell ready made wildflower seed packets, which you can sprinkle over your garden to create the perfect floral bee patch!

There are so many fun Easter related activities you can carry out over the long week, some that feature food and entertaining, and others that reflect spring flowers and traditions. We have a range of delightful Easter hampers and gifts, that are perfect for Easter picnics, Easter gifts and full of Easter treats! Below are just some of our favourites:

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