Inexpensive thank you gift ideas

When it comes to saying thank you to someone for a thoughtful deed or expressing your gratitude for the support they’ve given you through a difficult time, it can be difficult to find exactly the right thing to say, or the right gift to give them.

If flowers and chocolates are just not enough, but you don’t have the money for a really big gesture, then take a look at our inexpensive thank you gift ideas as we are sure you will find inspiration for showing your appreciation.

A hamper

What shows your appreciation more than a beautiful hamper packed full of whatever they like the most, whether it’s cheese and wine, or chocolate and champagne, there are many choices of thank you hampers available.

To make it even more personal, you could create a hamper just for them, filled with their favourite treats and snacks. From retro sweets through to pampering toiletries, a hamper is a great way to say thank you.

Personalised candle

Soy candles can last for more than 40 hours and can be personalised with names and messages making this a great way to say thank you without breaking the bank. They can be used to show appreciation to anyone in your life.

If you don’t like soy then why not go for a scented candle in their favourite perfume, or one in the exact colour to match their décor.

There are any number of ways to make candles a great and unique inexpensive thank you gift.

Thanks a bunch planter

If the person you want to thank has green fingers, then why not make them a thanks a bunch planter set, with all the elements they need to grow their own bunch of flowers.

You can include a planter, seeds and some compost to let them grow flowers that will last, and they can enjoy for a long time to come.

Personalised cosy blanket

If you are saying thank you as the temperatures are dropping into Autumn and winter then why not treat your friend to a personalised, embroidered blanket with their name on, so they can curl up and enjoy a warm drink while thinking of you.

Tea or coffee personalised mug set

There are plenty of companies which will personalise tea and coffee mugs with your choice of image and message, so why not create a personalised mug set as a way of saying thank you and giving them a unique keepsake to use over and over again.

Soap rose petals

Soap rose petals make a great way to say thank you and they look almost as beautiful as the real flowers. They can be kept as a decorative item or used as soap, and they smell heavenly. You could even combine them with matching body butter or bath bomb for lovely bathroom thank you gifts.

Gourmet biscuit box

If your friend has a sweet tooth and appreciates the finer things in life, then why not say thank you with a gourmet biscuit box.

Or for an even more personal thank you, if you are skilled in the kitchen, you could bake your own biscuits for them.

Either way, this is a thank you gift anyone who likes to dunk a biscuit with their tea, will appreciate.

A tower of snacks

An alternative to a gift box or tin is to create a tower of sweet and savoury treats to say thank you, tied up with ribbon and cellophane to keep them in place.

This unique way to say thank you can be personalised to suit everyone’s taste.

Engraved or painted glassware

To express your gratitude in a creative way, how about having some glassware decorated with a personal message or artwork.

Wine glasses or tumblers can be engraved, or glass painted to create a unique gift to say thank you to everyone.

Combine them with a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple for an ideal thank you present.

Personal wine bottle labels

If you are looking to thank someone who enjoys a tipple or two then how about having some personalised bottle labels made up to say thank you and then using them on their favourite wine bottle or beer, to make a perfect gift.

You could even use these to develop a super personal wine gift basket, combined with the personalised glassware. You could even print them a wine label of their own to use at dinner parties for a one of a kind gift for the wine lover.

Thank you cards

For a really inexpensive idea, why not invest in a set of personalised thank you cards so that you always have them to hand.

You can always include a voucher for their favourite shop when you send them, or a personal thank you letter which always goes down well.

Retro sweet gift box

For older people who like to reminisce, a retro sweet gift box could be perfect to say thank you and bring back fun memories of their childhood at the same time.

These come in lots of different sizes depending on just how sweet their tooth is, or how big a thank you it is you are trying to say. These type of sweet treats are a thoughtful gift and budget friendly.

Toiletry gift set

Toiletry gift sets don’t have to be expensive and vary in size from a single body spray in a gift pack, to a hamper full of pampering bath goodies.

Why not choose something personal to show how thoughtful they have been, like hand cream for a gardener, or bath salts if they like to relax in a bath at the end of a stressful day.

Baking set or recipe kit

If the person you wish to thank is a whiz at baking, then some great gift ideas could be a baking gift or recipe kit they will appreciate trying out.

This is also a great way to thank someone who has a busy life and might value not having to think about what to make for dinner one evening.

A gratitude dish

For inexpensive thank you gift ideas, we all need somewhere to put things like our keys, or rings at the end of the day, so why not show your gratitude with a ceramic dish with a gratitude quote painted on it.

You can even personalise the message for that person and they will think of you every time they look at the dish and remember your gratitude. It’s a great thank you gift idea.

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