The History of Hampers

There is something truly exciting about having a mysterious basket arrive on your doorstep in time for Christmas or your birthday and we defy anybody to not get excited about unpacking layer upon layer of delicious food and drink, not knowing what they’ll find next! Hampers have stood the test of time and today they remain a fantastic gift solution for Christmas as well as almost any other celebratory event throughout the year. Here, we explore the history of hampers and discover how they grew to become a festive classic.

The concept of hampers was first introduced to England by the French in the 11th century, as woven baskets normally made from willow which were used to transport food and drink items on hunting expeditions or long journeys. It wasn’t until the Victorians got hold of the idea that hampers really took-off. Improved transport links, as a result of the industrial revolution, allowed for easier transportation of fresh food items around the country and so sending hampers became far easier. Luxurious food hampers soon became a tradition at Christmas and families would often send hampers to each other as luxurious gifts.

During this period hampers were also given to staff and servants by their employers who would pack clothes and food inside traditional wicker baskets to present to them on Boxing Day. These hampers usually contained seasonal produce, meat and preserved fruits and were made to ensure everybody had plenty to enjoy over the festive period.

Since Victorian times hampers have grown and evolved, following foods trends and passing fashions. In the past 30 years our hampers have changed too, however the backbone of our company ethos, which is one of outstanding quality and good taste, has remained the same. You’ll find plenty of traditional Christmas goodies in our baskets alongside a healthy smattering of cutting edge delicacies from some of the most well-respected artisan makers in the country.

Hamper baskets and weaving methods have changed too. Nowadays we use a wide variety of natural weaving materials including willow, rattan, seagrass and bamboo. Expert weavers create a huge array of shapes and sizes for us, and we also use wooden boxes, gift boxes and gift bags in our range of Christmas hampers and gifts.

The enduring appeal of hampers, especially at Christmas time stems from their ability to suit almost any recipient or occasion. Whether you’re buying for your friends, family, staff or customers, our hampers offer the perfect gift solution. Hand packed with as much care and attention as those first few hampers were over 30 years ago, we promise you an unrivalled level of quality, presentation and customer service. It’s just what we do.

If you’d like any more information on our hampers then please do get in touch with our friendly team. Reach them via email: [email protected] or telephone: 01747 851515, alternatively you can browse our entire range of hampers and gifts available to buy online today.

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