Top Foodie Instagram Accounts you NEED to be Following

There’s no denying that in the depths of winter it can be really tough to get inspired about cooking. So to help you escape the endless rut of mashed potato, stews and casseroles we’re rounded up some of our favourite foodie Instagram accounts that are bursting with colour and inspiration.

1. @wholeheartedeats

Sophie MacKenzie describes herself as a ‘West Coast hippie and avid sprouter’ and we just LOVE her take on plant-based comfort food. Also follow along for the occasional dreamy shot of her hometown of Vancouver.



2.) @cleanfooddirtycity

Feeling virtuous? Keep that halo glowing with Lily Kunin’s salads, smoothie bowls and healthy bakes. The warm LA sunlight and photos of farmers’ markets also have us dreaming of summer!


3) @spoonforkbacon

Okay so maybe you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to winter comfort food? That’s fine because Jenny  and Teri from @spoonforkbacon are here with their fresh takes on homely classics. We love their relaxed approach to food and their skillet mac & cheese below looks to be sent straight from heaven…



4) @alexandracooks

For rustic, unfussy food and quick dinner ideas @alexandracooks needs to be your first stop. This grilled cheese sandwich with mustard and apple can be ready in under 10 minutes and is perfect for those exhausting days when you can’t muster up the energy to move from the sofa for long.



  5) @leefromamerica

They say you should eat a rainbow everyday but living vicariously through @leefromamerica is a good place to start. For super cool breakfast inspiration and pictures that make you want to look closer, Lee should definitely be in your foodie Instagram feed.



6) @wrightkitchen

If Brittany Wright’s rainbow of foodie shots don’t get you fired up again then nothing will! You’ll see fruit and veg in a new light and should feel inspired to linger in the fruit and veg aisle *just* that bit longer 😉



7) @theminimalistbaker

As the name suggests, simplicity is the name of the game @theminimalistbaker. Find ideas for easy baked goods and light, bright dinners on their fun filled feed. 



  8) @marte_marie_forsberg

Get lost in Marte’s feed of countryside living and elevated home cooking. We’re also especially fond of this account as Marte’s lives just a few miles from us in Dorset!


We finished off the last pears from the little tree in the garden today. Carrying in the last few and making an impromptu pear breakfast frying them diced with butter, sugar and cinnamon, before pouring the warm sweet content over porridge. It made me think of France, and my last workshop there with @thecooksatelier and their pear and almost tarts. The next two workshops begin on Monday next week, and I’m picking up mum this afternoon. Some of the very best parts of running these intimate cooking and photography workshop with her, is the planning part, where we cook side by side, scribble down ideas for what to serve for lunch, should we perhaps have two desserts and what if we had mulled wine warming on the stove after our afternoon wander…? It may be a tad too early, but we’ve decided we need a Christmas tree, so this afternoon, we’ll pile into the car my mother, Mr Whiskey and I, and pick up the perfect one for the dining room, just in time for our guests arrival on Monday morning… #mmforsbergworkshop A photo posted by marte_marie_forsberg (@marte_marie_forsberg) on

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