Sending Hampers Abroad – We Have the Facts

For those who have family and friends overseas, sending hampers abroad at Christmas is the time to send a little bit of home out to them. What could be better than sending a hamper, full of the tastes and smells of Christmas.

Christmas Cracker hamper gift idea to send abroadSending Hampers Abroad, What You Need to Know

There are restrictions when thinking about the best hampers to send overseas, for example they can never contain pulling or Christmas crackers or fresh food.


Alcohol is restricted in some countries for a variety of reasons although most of Europe is not a problem. Alcohol is now prohibited in Russia.

Alcohol Import Licence – this is required for Switzerland, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, USA, Canada, Mexico and South America

Alcohol Tax ID

This is required for the recipient prior to shipping to the following countries:

Israel, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, South America and Turkey

Products That Are Banned

Russia no longer accepts any B2C deliveries and nothing must be valued over $75USD/£50GBP.  They will allow B2B deliveries as long as they are within the value limit.

Norway has banned alcohol as a personnel or corporate gift item as have South Korea.

Annually Virginia Hayward sends around 1,000 hampers abroad and they are popular gifts. Once the order leaves our warehouses we are in the hands of couriers in the UK, especially when it gets close to Christmas, then there’s Customs and onward couriers to the final destinations. The most popular hamper choices tend to be those hampers which will really bring the Christmas spirit to those far from home. Season’s Greetings Basket and Merry Christmas are extremely popular and we would also suggest our very popular Christmas Cracker or Magic of Christmas. Customers should always be keen to make sure delivery charges don’t exceed the value of their carefully considered gift.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on those all-important Last Posting Dates for Christmas delivery before you start shopping so here’s our list:

Last Posting Dates

Mainland Europe – Thursday 18th December.

Rest of the World – Thursday 18th or Friday 19th December depending on the location so please check in advance.

USA and Canada – Friday 19th December.

If you haven’t sent hampers abroad before but know someone who might really appreciate and thoroughly enjoy one this Christmas click onto our website for our complete range,

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