Top 10 Ways to Re-use Your Hamper Basket


With a hint of spring in the air and the days getting gradually longer, Christmas feels like a distant memory and the contents of your hamper have likely long since been enjoyed. In preparation for bright sunny days we’ve rounded up our top 10 ways to re-use your hamper basket as the urge to de-clutter and organise our homes comes across many of us.

1| Hallway De-cluttering

Target ‘drop zones’ in your home, such as hallways or boot rooms by strategically placing baskets to catch family clutter. Wellies, book bags, dog leads, hats and scarves…. the list is endless. You could also assign one basket per family member to ease the search for that elusive school shoe on busy mornings.

2| Log Basket

Spring may be on the way, but we’re certainly not ready to bid goodbye to an open fire yet! Using a basket of any size to hold logs, kindling or fire tools will help to de-clutter your fireplace and will bring a cosy, rustic feel to your living room.

Image courtesy Flickr Steven Dopolo

3| Toy Chest

Continuing on a family theme, baskets make fantastic storage for children’s toys or dressing up outfits. Easily accessible and quick to put away they are the perfect solution to a cluttered bedroom or playroom.

4| Pet Bed

Your pet may have already claimed your left-over hamper basket as their own, but if not, a blanket and a quiet spot will provide him/her with the perfect place to snooze in style.

5| Bathroom Storage

Image courtesy Flickr Dominika Komender

Bathrooms are a busy area in the home that can quickly become chaotic. Restore calm by consolidating toiletries in baskets which can be put on shelves or in cupboards and using wall mounted baskets to store rolled-up towels.

6| Planting

One of our favourite ways of re-using your baskets is to make them into planters. Whether you fill your them with pre-potted herbs to sit on your kitchen windowsill, or line them and fill them with soil to make extra planting space in a small garden, hamper baskets make simple additions to your living space.

7| Wedding Display

The summer months are a flurry of weddings, put your baskets to good use to collect cards at the reception or to hold cones of confetti for your guests to throw. Wicker baskets bring a warm, country style to any wedding celebration.

8| Kitchen Storage

Hamper baskets are wonderfully versatile in the kitchen. Ideal for sliding into a kitchen island, they can hold a variety of dry goods and packets making your cupboards more accessible. They are also perfect for rounding up tupperware lunch boxes and drinks bottles.

Re-use your hamper basket 9| Holding Blankets and Pillows

As the evenings can remain cool throughout the summer, keep a basket full of light blankets and pillows nearby in your living room or outdoor entertaining space. Neater than having them draped over the arm of a sofa and easy to grab when the sun sets!

10| Nursery Storage

Keep all those new-born essentials close to hand by bundling nappies, muslin cloths and baby wipes in a basket which can be kept by the changing table, or carried from room to room.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our top 10 and we’d love to see how you’re using your hamper baskets. Find us on Facebook and Twitter and share your ideas! Why not browse our full range of empty hamper baskets.

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